Group seminar

Theoretical quantum science and technology

(Every term)

Group members will present and discuss their latest progress and results and give tutorial talks. Some talks will also be given by (external) visitors.

Students are always very welcome, credits can be obtained by a presenting something of interest (e.g., a research paper).

Comments are always welcome at (

Time and place: Mondays 10:30h, either in the seminar room or in the “Hilbtertraum”


  • Quantum information theory

  • Quantum many-body physics

  • Characterization, verification and validation of quantum computing components

  • Simulations of complex quantum systems

  • Applied math

  • Machine learning in quantum physics

Schedule 2020


  • 06 | Due to school holidays we will skip this group meeting.

Schedule 2019


  • 16 | Raphael will tell us about his ongoing work.

  • 02 | Alexander will speak about quantum walks.


  • 25 | Lennar will tell us something about his ongoing work

  • 14| (Thursday, 10:30h) Daniel will present the results of his Master's thesis (joint group seminar with Bruss’ group)

  • 11| Raphael will tell us about the theory of time management (not physics related but intended to help to get important work done)



  • 09 | Arxiv watching before summer break: Everyone chooses two of the papers from the last 4 weeks and gives a short summary (main results and a bit of context).


  • 12 | Raphael and Lennart will tell us about the quantum information workshop in Benasque.


  • 28 + July 05 | Group in Benasque.


  • 31 | Effective holidy

  • 17 | Continuation of the discussion from last time, starting with Section 2.2.2.



  • 29 | Discussion of local purifications

  • 22 | Lennart will provide an overview of his current work on tensor networks:

    • Analyze challenges when simulating large scale quantum networks with tensor networks.

    • Event simulation of quantum operations

    • Distributed and parallelized computation

    • Simulation of decoherence with purified states may provide a scalable approach for few quibit nodes.

  • 14 | (Moved from Friday to Thursday 10:30h) Raphael will tell us about his project.

  • 01 | No group meeting (Carnival)


  • 15 | Discussion of an active topic

  • 22 | MK absent


Schedule 2018





  • 01 | Discussion of an active topic

  • 08 | Discussion of an active topic

(Voluntary speakers are always welcome!)