Topics for Master and Bachelor theses

There are good topics for theses in all research areas currently covered by the group, please ask ( Here is an outline of example topics.

Machine learning for quantum error correction

Quantum computers promise exponential speedups for problems that are believed to be intractable on classical computers. Currently however, operations in quantum computers are too error-prone to realize larger quantum algorithms. This problem can be appoached using quantum error correction, where quantum information is stored and processed in a redundant fashion. Quantum error correction can be greatly improved by tailoring a decoder to the noise at hand. We can estimate noise models from only the syndromes of a quantum error correction code, i.e., from the measurements that are performed for the correction process. The estimated models can then improve the error correction. For this purpose, we use powerful methods from machine learning. Possible thesis topics are the estimation of error rates on so-called quantum low-density parity check codes, the application of structure learning to estimate correlated errors or the estimation of time-dependent error rates.

Quantum tomography

Machine learning for many-body localization

Simulations of quantum networks using tensor networks

Hybrid classical/quantum computing

Different metrics on quantum states

An analytical investigation of the Fuchs–van de Graaf inequalities.