Image recovery: A compressed sensing demonstration

Images are approximately sparse after a discrete cosine transform (DCT) or wavelet transform (WT). This can be used in order to reconstruct images from few pixels (20% and much fewer with some tricks).

As a demonstration I have written this program which is directly applicable to photos (black white).

Quantum process tomography

Reconstructing unital quantum processes from average gate fidelities

Simulating open system dynamics

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Ranking of sport leagues

Here I provide a Python code (jupyter notebook) to rank the teams of the German Bundesliga.

I was persuaded to join a betting game on the German Bundesliga. The problem is, that my knowledge about soccer is very limited and that I am also not willing to look into all its details.

If one want to estimate the winner of a soccer league game, then one can obtain a first guess from the current point tables. However, if team A has played against stronger teams than team B, then their points might suggest a non-optimal guess.

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